Products & Services

Products & Services


Shuttle is recognized as an industry leading designer and an original creator of small form factor (SFF) computers and accessories. Shuttle XPC Computers are backed by extensive R&D and applied patented cooling technologies, making it possible for continuous development of the segment with increasingly compact and reliable designs for home, office, and vertical use. Mini-PC XPC products includes: Cube , Slim and All-In-One PCs. Shuttle also offers Facial Recognition devices for access control, Digital Signage Players, and PCs to drive kiosk applications.


Shuttle’s ODM services offer an ecosystem based on the standardization of a common parts concept. Through standardization design, Shuttle’s ODM service can provide LOEMs with reasonable cost, customizable products and fast lead-time. All Shuttle ODM products go through strict QA/QC procedures throughout the entire manufacturing process. Shuttle’s ODM product lines include Notebooks, Netbooks, 2-in-1 devices, all-in-one PCs, tablets, more.

Smart Home Care

HOCA is the digital management system designed for In-home-care service for seniors. Integrated with cloud and mobile technology, the HOCA can help In-home-care organizations and care-giver to simplify its manual paper processes, improve administrative efficiency, effectively raising the service quality and improved human resource management.

Smart Education

EDUPAL is a paperless online learning platform which makes curriculum writing and assessments more efficient while increasing parent-teacher-student communication. Highly flexible and interactive EDUPAL can be applied to a variety of scenarios and can be customized depending on education requirements, client needs, and project scope. The EDUPAL® solution has three categories: EDUPAL® Smart Education (Public Cloud), EDUPAL® Smart School (Private Cloud), and EDUPAL® Smart Classroom (Classroom Management). EDUPAL is available is specific geographic regions.

Smart Home

SMARTVILLE is an intuitive smart living solution with easy and affordable renovation-free installation. Its wireless design eliminates the cost and hassle of physically connecting the Z-wave gateway to the control center. Users can easily control lighting, air conditioning, multimedia equipment, motorized curtains, webcams, etc. through the control center. Smartphone and tablets can also be used to control home appliances remotely. SMARTVILLE is available in specific geographic regions.
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